“If I find someone who I truly love, who knows, I might have an unbelievable love. I’m looking forward to it”.

“Do I have something on my face?”

Decision - ONE OK ROCK

Another day

Another life

I wanna live it to the fullest

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There is one thing that nobody is aware of. That woman is a very strange woman. After living with her, I realized that she has a very odd charm. If you keep looking at her, she becomes really pretty. If she was just pretty, it would be boring, but she is also cute, adorable, and even very kind.
That’s why, no matter how ordinary she is, she is my very special, precious, and lovely wife.

- Why are you in my neighborhood?

- This is also my neighborhood. I live here.

that hair flip tho

Don’t live like a “Post-it” girl. That’s not my intention. While you’re with me, becoming a trivial insignificant person, that’s not what I mean. Mi Young, you’re a superglue. 

Because walking was too mainstream


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